and efficiency.

Our solutions not only meet the demands of the present but also anticipate future needs. Discover how we are shaping the future of energy!

Shield-X: New line of smart devices for asset monitoring

The Shield-X line brings more security and intelligence to data management systems and energy management with real-time information.

Boost productivity with the rapid testing laboratory

The rapid testing laboratory is a multi-test platform designed to automate and optimize the production line flow of distribution transformers.

MJOLNIR: High-voltage laboratory equipment line

The rapid testing laboratory is a multi-test platform designed to automate and optimize the production line flow of distribution transformers.

Support for innovation and provision of credit and tax benefits

It is possible to finance our solutions to execute your Strategic Innovation Plan through Finep, Finame, and the Good Law. Find the ideal solution for you!

Innovation Projects
Innovation Projects
Measurement and Monitoring
Measurement and Monitoring
Research and development
Research and development
Testing Laboratories
Testing Laboratories
Electric Asset Management
Electric Asset Management
Smart Cities
Smart Cities
Internet of Things
Internet of Things
Energy Management
Energy Management

Solutions to take the electric sector further

As the only manufacturer of high-voltage laboratory equipment in Brazil, we invest in research and development projects. We combine these two specializations to provide advanced technologies in Smart Cities and Smart Grids, enhancing innovation and data analysis in the electrical sector.

For over 10 years, driving innovation for the energy market!


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Globe Earth Connected Innovation HVEX

Connecting Innovation and transforming the energy that powers the world

Connecting innovation and revolutionizing the energy that powers the world is our primary goal. With a focus on the medium and high voltage market, we combine research, development, and highly qualified professionals to create solutions that transform electricity usage from generation to the end consumer.

We are present throughout the energy journey. Discover our areas of operation:

Discover the various solutions we have to enhance safety, predictability, and performance in energy production. Our commitment is to seek revolutionary innovations that simplify and improve everyday energy use for people.

Market and Performance

Electricity concessionaires are companies responsible for providing electricity to the population and businesses throughout the country.

Market and Performance

They play an essential role in the manufacturing of a wide variety of equipment used in various sectors of the economy, including the energy sector.

Market and Performance
Service Providers

These companies, made up of service providers, educational institutions, and research centers, have the mission of providing services and solutions for the electrical and energy sector.

Market and Performance
Free Market

Companies in the free energy market act as generators, marketers, and specialized consultants in the future of electrical energy.

Ours Awards


Acceleration program for high-growth companies in Brazil. We were considered as one of the fastest growing companies by Endeavor.

UpLab Senai logo image support for innovative technology-based projects

Recognizes innovative projects from national companies and startups that contribute to the challenges of cities and industries, important players in the development of the country's electricity sector.

Endeavor image logo acceleration program companies hvex company growth

Initiative to support innovative technology-based projects, aimed at the industrial sector through economic investment in startups with high potential for scalability and growth.

EdfPulseBrasil image logo innovative projects companies startups electricity sector

Our Clients

Meet some of the companies that use new technologies.

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