High Voltage Sources - HIPOT

Efficient solution for high-voltage tests

HVEX's High Voltage (HIPOT) Sources are designed to provide reliable performance in high-voltage tests on electrical equipment. Whether assessing the dielectric insulation capacity or conducting specific tests, our sources ensure controlled voltage levels for precise results. Keywords: High voltage sources, High voltage, high potential, dielectric withstand tests, rain test, dielectric strength, Hipot, Sources, withstand capability, dielectrics. Standards: IEC 60060-1 and NBR 6936.

Efficient solution for high-voltage tests

Technical Information

IEC 60060-1 and NBR 6936
Power supply
220 VAC or 380 VAC, 60 Hz
Output voltage
0 to 1200kV (AC) or 0 to 1200 kV (DC) for factory acceptance tests
Output frequency
10 Hz to 300 Hz
5 to 500 kVA or resonant up to 7,5 MVA

Versatility in electrical tests

Our high-voltage sources are applicable to a variety of typical tests, including nominal voltage withstand at industrial frequency, breakdown voltage, radio interference voltage, or partial discharges, according to IEC 60060-1 and NBR 6936 standards. For medium-voltage cables, we offer specific solutions such as Very Low Frequency (VLF) sources or resonant sources, meeting standards like IEC 60502-2, CENELEC HD 620 and 621, DIN VDE 0276-620 and 621, and IEEE Std. 400.

Versatility in electrical tests
Benefits and Usability

Benefits and Usability

  • Control panel and operation
    Control panel and operation

    Easy and precise control of circuit boards.

  • High-quality components
    High-quality components

    Contactors, protection relay, activation button.

  • Forced ventilation
    Forced ventilation

    Ensures efficient system cooling.

  • Isolation options
    Isolation options

    Transformer with epoxy or oil insulation (customer's choice).

Exclusive Features

  • ImageReliable
  • ImageRobustness
  • ImageHigh applicable range
  • ImageHigh versatility