Tangent Delta

Tangent DELTA

The Tangent Delta is a fully automatic device designed to perform tests measuring the dielectric loss factor (tan δ) and capacitance in various electrical equipment, such as transformers, bushings, capacitors, current transformers, and potential transformers. Key words: Dielectric dissipation factor test, dielectric losses, capacitance measurement, loss factor measurement. Standards: (IEEE Std C57.152-2013, for transformers, reactors and voltage regulators testing)

Tangent DELTA

Technical Information

Power Supply
180 ~ 270 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz ± 1 %
Measurement Time
approximately 30 s (Related to measurement method)
Capacitance Cx: ± (reading x 1% + 1pF); tan δ: ± (reading x 1% + 0.00040)
Frequency conversion anti-interference, less than 200% interference, achieves high precision
Capacitance Measurement Range
Internal AT terminal (3 - 60000 pF/12 kV and 60 pF - 1 μF/0.5 kV); External AT terminal (3 pF - 1.5 μF/12 kV and 60 pF - 30 μF/0.5 kV) with max resolution of 0.001 pF (4 significant digits)

Precision and efficiency

With an internal source of up to 12 kV or the option to use an external source and capacitor, this device offers versatile applications, adapting to different testing needs, including high-voltage applications. Highlighting its precision, the Tangent Delta uses digital waveform analysis and bridge self-calibration technology. Its multi-level protection ensures operational safety, with rapid response in cases of short-circuit or dielectric breakdown at the AT terminals.

Precision and efficiency
Benefits and Usability

Benefits and Usability

  • High precision
    High precision

    Ensures precise measurements of dielectric loss factor and capacitance.

  • Multi-level protection
    Multi-level protection

    Operational safety with rapid response in risky situations.

  • Versatility of applications
    Versatility of applications

    Adapts to different testing needs, including high-voltage applications.

  • Simplified connectivity
    Simplified connectivity

    RS232 port for communication, report export, and firmware updates.


Enjoy the benefits of Shield-X

  • Free Platform

    Maintain an event history and receive real-time alerts to ensure efficient operations with Shield-X.

  • Quick fault detection

    Stay ahead of faults with fault identification through trip current overreach or di/dt variation.

  • Fast restoration

    Keep your operations flowing efficiently and minimize impacts on circuit faults.

  • Immediate alerts

    The system identifies faults and sends real-time alerts instantly, through operational logic.