TTR and Inductive Load Resistance Test Module TTR-OHMMETER

TTR and Inductive Load Resistance Test Module TTR-OHMMETER

The TTR-OHMMETER Test Module from HVEX is a compact and portable solution designed for precise analysis of the transformer transformation ratio, identifying potential issues such as shorted coils, open circuits, and incorrect connections. Additionally, the equipment performs resistance measurements in highly inductive loads, providing a comprehensive approach for testing transformers and motors.

TTR and Inductive Load Resistance Test Module TTR-OHMMETER

Technical Information

StandardsABNT NBR 5356, IEC 60076, ABNT NBR 5440
Input voltage110 V or 220 V , 60Hz
CommunicationEthernet / Remote connection
InterfaceTouchscreen display / Device software
Weight20,2 kg
Operating Temperature-20 °C to 70 °C
Storage temperatureUp to 70 °C
Relative humidity @ 25 °C<60%
Output Voltage for TTR Test220 V
Voltage Ratio for TTR Test200
Uncertainty for TTR TestTypical: 0,2%; Maximum: 0,5%
Typical Ramp Time for Winding Resistance Measurement30 s (test on distribution transformers)
Uncertainty for Winding Resistance MeasurementTypical: 0,2%; Maximum: 1%
Winding Resistance Measurement CurrentHigh: 250 mA; Low: 20 A
Winding Resistance Measurement VoltageHigh: 130 V; Low: 2,5 V
ResistancesHigh: 1 Ω to 5 kΩ; Low: 100 µΩ to 1 Ω
Benefits and Usability

Benefits and Usability

  • Comprehensive Analysis
    Comprehensive Analysis

    Comprehensive analyses covering everything from the transformation ratio to the resistance of highly inductive loads.

  • Precise Measurement
    Precise Measurement

    Ensures precision in resistance measurements and TTR tests, offering reliable results.

  • Ease of Communication
    Ease of Communication

    The Ethernet interface facilitates equipment communication, streamlining the process.

  • Portability and Storage
    Portability and Storage

    The equipment is portable, robust, and ideal for field measurements, ensuring easy storage and transportation.

Unique Features

The HVEX Ohmmeter combines versatility and efficiency in a compact design. Ideal for precise analyses of transformers, the equipment offers portability, electrical protection, and agile communication, standing out as a complete solution for field measurements.

  • ImageVersatility of Tests
  • ImageAdvanced Resistance Measurement
  • ImageEfficient Communication
  • ImageIntegrated Database

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