Voltage Impulse Generator

Overcome Challenges with HVEX High Voltage Impulse Generator

Explore our cutting-edge technology in high-voltage impulse generation. Tailor-made, our generator is the reliable solution for evaluating the resistance of electrical equipment to atmospheric and switching surges.

Overcome Challenges with HVEX High Voltage Impulse Generator

Technical Information

Standards CompliedIEC 60060, NBR 61083, NBR 6939, NBR 5356, and NBR 5440
Discharge VoltageUp to 2400 kV
Discharge Energy2.5 kJ, 5 kJ, or 10 kJ, possibly reaching up to 240 kJ
Voltage per StageUp to 200 kV
Capacitance of Each Stage1 μF to 2 uF
Voltage DividerPurely resistive, capacitive, or mixed
Measurement Uncertainty< 1%
Resistors70, 125, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 Ohms
Weight102 kg per stage
Sampling Rate2.5 GSa/s

HVEX Impulse Generator: Customization for Excellence

Experience the electrical revolution with the HVEX Impulse Generator. Tailored to exceed international standards, this equipment is the key to precise dielectric assessments in transformers, isolators, cables, and more. HVEX stands out as the only national manufacturer of these generators, ensuring unmatched quality and customization to meet the specific needs of your electrical infrastructure. Raise the standard of your assessments and boost your operational efficiency.

HVEX Impulse Generator: Customization for Excellence
Benefits and Usability

Benefits and Usability

  • Supply

    Includes specification, grounding design, training, among others.

  • Ease of Operation
    Ease of Operation

    Centralized control at the workstation, remote operation.

  • Safety

    High automation, audible alarms, protection relays, and automatic grounding.

  • Possibility of Various Waveforms
    Possibility of Various Waveforms

    Atmospheric and switching impulses for various tests.


Enjoy the benefits of LIAS

  • Data storage

    With the solutions, it is possible to have a database and all the records of tests performed for later queries.

  • Complete analysis

    Automatically analyzes front times, half-wave, maximum value, oscillation coefficient, residual voltage, and maximum current.

  • Automatic reports

    Through HVEX LIAS, it is also possible to automatically generate custom technical reports in .pdf and .doc formats.

  • Specialized support

    Have unlimited access to national software support, in addition to constant platform updates.

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