We are Committed to Innovation for the Future of Energy

HVEX's Research & Development projects are designed to meet the needs and fulfill the strategic objectives of the electrical sector, following the strategic directives of ANEEL and the companies involved in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy.

We are Committed to Innovation for the Future of Energy

How We Develop Projects in the Electrical Sector

HVEX is composed of experts with advanced academic backgrounds, including graduates, masters, and doctors from the High Voltage Laboratory of the Federal University of Itajubá – UNIFEI.

In our unit, we focus our efforts on the development of innovative Research and Development (R&D) projects, aimed at solving the daily challenges faced by maintenance teams.

Our central commitment is to significantly improve the quality of energy supplied by the companies, through technically and scientifically grounded approaches.

How We Develop Projects in the Electrical Sector
We are Experts in Impacting the Electrical Sector

We are Experts in Impacting the Electrical Sector

Over more than a decade, our trajectory has been marked by specialization in Research and Development (R&D) projects in collaboration with the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) and the major electrical companies in Brazil.

From the outset, we have committed to driving the development of innovative products in the electrical sector, aiming for the introduction and commercialization of new technologies.

Built on the tradition of several successful ANEEL R&D projects, we stand out as experts in the energy landscape. Our team consists of multidisciplinary professionals who combine their skills in software, hardware, mechanics, automation, and communication.

Strategic Pillars and Competitive Advantages

  • Focus on developing new products
  • Competence and Technical Project Agility
  • Assertive Intellectual Development
  • Commitment to financial and accounting validations
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Meet the Teams Involved in the Projects

Choosing HVEX means partnering with a strategic ally dedicated to creating competitive differentiators. Our experts, with multidisciplinary skills in software, hardware, mechanics, and automation, develop unique solutions to boost operational efficiency and reduce costs, putting your company ahead of the competition.

These differentiators highlight HVEX's practical, market-oriented, and highly efficient approach to R&D project development. Our focus is on delivering innovative and impactful solutions, providing real results for our clients and strengthening the electrical energy sector in Brazil.

  • ElectronicsElectronics
  • Information TechnologyInformation Technology
  • AutomationAutomation
  • Research and DevelopmentResearch and Development
  • MechanicsMechanics
  • TelecommunicationTelecommunication

Agility of a Startup with the Financial and Accounting Structure of a Corporation

At HVEX, we are a technological development company with the corporate structure of a Public Limited Company (SA), ensuring solidity and credibility. Committed to transparency, we have a team of experts in financial and accounting validations to assist in all resource verifications in R&D projects. This significantly reduces commitment risks for our clients, providing greater security and confidence throughout the entire process.

Our accountability infrastructure is a differentiator that ensures goal compliance and effective resource utilization, resulting in successful projects with a positive impact on the electrical energy market. At HVEX, excellence in management and integrity are fundamental pillars, allowing our clients to invest in innovation with peace of mind.

Agility of a Startup with the Financial and Accounting Structure of a Corporation

Download Our E-book on PEQuI 2023-2028

In this material, you will find valuable information about the Research and Development Program of ANEEL (PROPDI) and PEQuI, its medium and long-term planning instrument. Additionally, we will explain the impacts of PEQuI on the electrical sector and how to achieve better results in innovation programs.

Download Our E-book on PEQuI 2023-2028

Get to Know Our Methodology in Project Development

Market Vision and Economic ViabilityMarket Vision and Economic Viability

Our methodology is based on a comprehensive analysis of the market and economic viability. We prioritize projects that offer concrete results and solid financial returns for our clients.

Agility and FlexibilityAgility and Flexibility

At HVEX, we are known for our agility and adaptability. Our methodology allows us to adjust approaches according to project and client needs, ensuring effective results.

Assessment of Practical ImpactAssessment of Practical Impact

Each project is assessed in terms of practical impact and potential application. We seek solutions that address real problems in the electrical sector and bring tangible benefits to our clients.

Efficient GovernanceEfficient Governance

Our methodology includes efficient governance to monitor and control project progress. This ensures that resources are managed responsibly, leading to continuous project success management.