Create a Bright Future with HVEX!

Here, we nurture brilliant ideas, promote continuous learning, and challenge boundaries. Join us to create a future where your passion and skills intertwine, driving transformation in the electrical industry. Embark on this career journey at HVEX and illuminate your path to success.

"Create a Bright Future with HVEX!"

We are part of a team of multidisciplinary professionals

At HVEX, we prioritize collaboration and technology, inviting proactive and passionate individuals to join us in building a sustainable future. Our culture promotes innovation, diversity, and growth, with investments in research and development.

Our organizational culture

Collaborative environment
Pursuit of excellence
Passion for innovation

What we expect from our team

  • Share our values and mission of innovation in the electrical sector
  • Be passionate about technology and open to challenges
  • Demonstrate curiosity, creativity, and a willingness to learn
  • Be ethical, committed to excellence, and prioritize customer and partner satisfaction
What we expect from our team

Discover our departments


The professional in an administrative role is responsible for various tasks, including organizing documents, managing schedules, preparing reports, coordinating meetings, and handling public relations. They may also be responsible for creating spreadsheets and managing databases.


The Warehouse department is essential to keep HVEX resources in order. It oversees the entry and exit of materials, maintains optimized stock, and collaborates with other departments to ensure operational efficiency. The Warehouse ensures that HVEX has the right resources at the right time, sustaining its ongoing operations.


The Commercial department plays a strategic role at HVEX. It identifies business opportunities, builds partnerships with clients and partners, and promotes the company's products and solutions. Commercial is vital to expanding HVEX's presence in the market, driving its growth through effective sales strategies.


Responsible for acquiring essential materials, negotiating with suppliers, and maintaining adequate stock. The Purchasing department ensures that HVEX has the necessary resources to meet production goals and customer demands.


The Accounting department is the guardian of HVEX's finances. It records transactions, prepares accurate reports, and ensures compliance with accounting standards. It provides essential financial information to support HVEX's strategic decisions and maintain the integrity of its financial operations.

Control and Automation

Control and Automation leads innovation at HVEX. It designs automated systems that optimize industrial processes. These advanced solutions improve production efficiency and the quality of HVEX products, reinforcing its position as a technological leader in the electrical industry.

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering is the driving force of innovation at HVEX. It designs advanced electronic solutions that drive product excellence. Electronic Engineering is vital for creating technologically advanced products that meet the demands of the modern electrical sector.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is crucial for HVEX, as it designs advanced electrical solutions that drive product excellence and meet the demands of the modern electrical sector.

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering is essential for HVEX to function smoothly. It designs and develops reliable and high-quality mechanical components for the company's products. Mechanical Engineering ensures that HVEX equipment is robust and durable.


The Financial department supports HVEX with strength. It manages resources, predicts financial trends, and provides essential analyses. Finance is crucial for the economic health of HVEX, enabling informed decision-making and continuous financial growth.


Marketing shapes HVEX's identity. It creates promotion strategies, develops content, and engages with the audience. Marketing expands HVEX's visibility in the market, building a strong brand and communicating its innovations to the target audience.

Research and Development

The Research and Development sector drives HVEX's future. It conceives and tests innovative solutions that shape the company's technological evolution. Research and Development is the creative force behind HVEX's advanced solutions.

Production Planning and Control

Production Planning and Control keeps HVEX efficient. It creates schedules, allocates resources, and monitors production. This department ensures that HVEX meets goals and deadlines, maintaining smooth operations.

Human Resources

Human Resources cultivates the strength of HVEX. It recruits, manages, and develops talents, promoting a productive work environment. HR is vital for growth and collaboration at HVEX.


The Quality department upholds HVEX's excellence. It ensures product compliance through rigorous testing and audits. Quality ensures that HVEX products meet the highest standards.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology department keeps HVEX connected. It develops, manages systems, secures data, and solves technological challenges. IT ensures efficient and secure digital operations at HVEX.

Our day-to-day

Testimonials from our professionals

If you are seeking a challenging career full of opportunities to grow and develop, HVEX is the right place! Check out the experiences of some of our colleagues and understand why they chose HVEX as their professional home.

Marina Vilela

"Working at HVEX is much more than a job. It is the opportunity to be part of an amazing team, with people passionate about what they do and always seeking innovative solutions.

Here, I feel that I can truly contribute to innovation while learning a lot and constantly challenging myself."

Marina VilelaMarketing Analyst
Guilherme Mano

"I love working at HVEX because it is a company that values people and ideas. Here, I have the freedom to express my opinions and actively contribute to the company's growth.

Moreover, the work environment is great, with a lot of positive energy and collaboration."

Guilherme ManoMechanical Engineer
Sandro Luiz

"At HVEX, I found a dynamic and stimulating environment that challenges me every day.

Here, I feel that I am part of something bigger, transforming the electrical sector and bringing innovative solutions to our clients."

Sandro LuizFront-end Developer